American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon

With more than 15 years of experience, VALAR Consulting Engineering has provided construction consulting services that top builders have used to help launch their projects and keep them under budget and on time. VALAR takes a multi-step – iterative approach to structural design, which includes a full understanding of key project factors. Client objectives and outcomes, schedule, material availability, site constraints, delivery method, and future flexibility are amongst some of the primary factors considered during the design process. Addressing all of these elements in an integrated approach is crucial to the success of any project.

At outset of a project VALAR works closely with the owner, client and team to understand the full scope of the project. Objectives are identified very early and all options are exhausted to ensure the success of the project. Our diverse background with all types of projects and delivery methods helps us hit the ground running regardless of the type and scale of a project. Every project takes the same approach and view, and we take full advantage of our extensive experience and share our lessons learned to provide the client solid positive results.

Effective communication with the entire team and all disciplines is enforced and we encourage and look for open direct dialogue, including the owner, to facilitate the entire design and construction process. We become fully engaged with the development of the schedule, and evaluate material types, sources and market trends early to initiate the process of entertaining and selecting a structural system. The site access and limitations are also weighted, as we factor our decision in proceeding forward. Soil conditions and architectural and mechanical, electrical and plumbing constraints become critical in the final decision of a system. Finally, the contract delivery method sums up our final direction in how we proceed. In the end, once we select the system and design to approach with, we do not loose site of the evaluation process. It’s an ongoing process for us as move forward to the final design. 


VALAR Consulting Engineering focuses on the ethics and integrity of this profession. Our mission is to uphold our core values of passion, integrity and relationships.